Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Match Fun

On Saturday, Mom, and I, accompanied by friends Amy and Christi, headed down to Featherly Park in Anaheim Hills for the PWCCSC/CWCCSC match. It's a practice dog show, and boy do we need to practice. We took Meg and RJ, both of whom don't really see the need to walk nicely on a show lead, and Oliver and Redford, both of whom are well trained dogs, who of course do not live with me!
Amy has been doing many fun things with Oliver, and at this match she practiced in Advanced Rally and Novice Obedience, doing well enough in Novice Obedience to end up high scoring Pembroke for the match!!! Christi has trained Redford to do things like sit, stay, down, etc, but hasn't done any formal trials with him, but jumped right in and entered him in Novice Rally, Novice obedience and the Canine Good Citizen test. He did very well, and got a qualifying score in Rally and earned his CGC title!!!!
Mom and I are understandably proud of both Amy and Christi and all they've done for our Rincon dogs. Unfortunately, my camera was misbehaving (memory card error, whatever that means) so I don't have any pictures of Redford, RJ or Oliver. One of our Cardi friends did take one of Meg so I've posted that one. Meg did manage to endear herself to our judge, who awarded her best Cardi puppy in match, which was very fun, as we won a cute crate pad and Cardigan zipper pull. Amy won a cute crate pad and Pembroke zipper pull for her high scoring win.
We got to visit with Kiss Me Kate, Mr. Darcy's sister, who lives in Tustin, and her new buddy, a cute tri rescue Pem named Spencer.
We also got to see two of Salsa's (Tina Sparkle's sis) kids, Diamond and Mark, both look very nice and should do well at the upcoming shows.
I was just out front with both Meg and RJ, practicing walking (not pulling, galloping, grabbing the lead in a mouth or bouncing like Tigger) on show leads and it was actually quite successful. Now to put that into action at the shows over Halloween weekend in Pomona. I've got Decker, Meg, RJ and Mr. Darcy entered there.
Mr. Darcy has big news, as he earned his first group placement, (and my first group placement, too) at the Cabrillo KC show on October 10th. He showed well, and I was very proud of him until he decided to melt on the photo stand, behaving as if he'd never stood for a picture before in his life!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Growing up!

Here are Meg and RJ, taken yesterday. Ears are still big, but their heads are changing a bit as you can see. We are entered next Saturday at the Cabrillo KC show in Del Mar, should be a fun day!

Other Happenings.

Here is a Monarch butterfly, newly hatched from its chrysalis. We have a large milkweed plant and several smaller milkweed plants that the Monarchs come back to each year to lay their eggs. We watch the caterpillars grow and then wait for them to hatch. This year we've had 25 or so, a few years back we counted over 100 all hanging in and around the patio next to the area where the milkweed plants are.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Another week has passed and it looks like Sherman, Morgan and Lee have made the most of it. They are thriving, and Charlie is being a super mom. I sure wish Florida wasn't so darn far from California!
Red Flag warnings here due to Santa Ana winds and warm temps.