Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Beautiful Day

We spent Saturday and Sunday (July 25/26) in Lompoc at the Lompoc KC shows. I showed Mr. Darcy and went Best of Breed on Saturday, nothing on Sunday. I also helped show a friend's Parson Russell Terriers and won on Saturday as well. Our Lhasa friend, Cosmo, was Best of Breed on Saturday, too. RJ and Meg are pictured chewing on their bully sticks, captured in the rare moment that Meg was allowing RJ to actually chew on his. Most of the time she had both sticks and wouldn't let him near either one of them! Last night we went to handling class in Santa Barbara, we still need lots of work before we are ready to debut at the Santa Barbara shows at the end of August. 5 1/2 months is a very silly age!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Away I go!

Here's Freckles, she went to her new home on Sunday. She now resides in San Luis Obispo with Ryan and Marnina. (and a cat, which I'm sure she'll get used to)
We miss her, but are excited for her new life.

Pretty as a Picture!

Here's Decker, on the 4th of July, after going Winner's Bitch for her first major. She is somewhat out of coat in this pic, but has way more coat than she does now. We showed outdoors in the lovely sunshine on Friday and Sunday, but indoors on the 4th, hence the rather dark pic. She won on Sunday, too, but it was only 2 points so I didn't have a picture taken.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A new beginning!

This is Charlie, who now lives in Florida. She was bred yesterday to a dog named Bernard, who has produced some very pretty puppies so far. Charlie's Mom, Anne, and I are hopeful that Charlie will produce a nice litter. I can't wait to see if she is successful in that endeavor.
Freddie is embarking on a new adventure today. She's moving to Montecito, to live with a couple who have been trying to get me to part with her since December. Mom and I decided to let her go, and we hope all will go well. They live on a golf course, and every day the driving range closes in the afternoon and becomes a dog park for the residents. Not too shabby a situation.
Charlie and Freddie are sisters!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We Can Hardly Wait!

It's almost Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince time, and I can hardly wait. Brian and friends are going to the midnight show tomorrow night, so are Katie, Kit and Creig. Mom and I will go early Wed. morning, I think there's a 9:30 showing in Ventura we'll try to get into. I may put Brian onto ordering tickets online tonight.
No grand dog news to report, although I did get a nice call from the dark boy's new family. He's now Major, and is the love of their lives. Now if I could find homes for the remaining two girls who need places, I'd be very happy. Here's a pic I took of Freckles and Morgan a week or so ago.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dog shows in Ventura

We spent the long weekend at dog shows in Ventura. Wednesday was set up day, we drove down and set up the EZ-up and the xpens, grooming table and chairs. Thursday was salon day, baths for Decker and Mr. Darcy, nails dremeled, coats blown dry. We packed up the van with all the other stuff we'd need, and headed down Friday morning for 8 am Parson Russell Terrier ring time. I helped our friend Lissa show her Parsons, then went and put the puppies in the xpen. 9 am was Cardigan judging, 10 am was Pembroke judging. Decker showed well, Mr. Darcy showed well, but no wins for us. We spent the rest of the day watching other breeds, chatting with friends and talking to folks about Corgis and Parsons and such.
Saturday morning, we headed down again (only a 20 minute drive which is so nice) and showed at 8 am. Decker was Winners Bitch for a 3 point major, which is very fun. Her uncle Redford came over to watch with his person, Christi. Then dashed off to see if help was needed with Parsons, and then back to the ring for Pembrokes. Mr. Darcy showed well, but no win. We watched our friend MaryAnn show her Lhasa Apso, Cosmo. I don't envy them showing all that coat in the wind! We also watched our friend Amy show Oliver, a Hermione son, in Rally Novice A and he got his third leg for his Rally title, he's now Rincon Oliver Twist, RN! Lissa's Parson, Ellie also got her title, so a good day in the Rally ring.
Sunday Parsons were at 8, Lhasas at 9:30 and Pems/Cardis at 1:35. Decker was triumphant again, only 2 points but I'll take it. Oliver and Ellie got insurance legs in Rally and Cosmo got a major reserve. Mr. Darcy didn't show, but he went along for the ride. Friday and Saturday we took the puppies, and they enjoyed meeting and greeting all the folks who stopped by to see them and marvel at how big Meg's ears are!