Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dog shows in Ventura

We spent the long weekend at dog shows in Ventura. Wednesday was set up day, we drove down and set up the EZ-up and the xpens, grooming table and chairs. Thursday was salon day, baths for Decker and Mr. Darcy, nails dremeled, coats blown dry. We packed up the van with all the other stuff we'd need, and headed down Friday morning for 8 am Parson Russell Terrier ring time. I helped our friend Lissa show her Parsons, then went and put the puppies in the xpen. 9 am was Cardigan judging, 10 am was Pembroke judging. Decker showed well, Mr. Darcy showed well, but no wins for us. We spent the rest of the day watching other breeds, chatting with friends and talking to folks about Corgis and Parsons and such.
Saturday morning, we headed down again (only a 20 minute drive which is so nice) and showed at 8 am. Decker was Winners Bitch for a 3 point major, which is very fun. Her uncle Redford came over to watch with his person, Christi. Then dashed off to see if help was needed with Parsons, and then back to the ring for Pembrokes. Mr. Darcy showed well, but no win. We watched our friend MaryAnn show her Lhasa Apso, Cosmo. I don't envy them showing all that coat in the wind! We also watched our friend Amy show Oliver, a Hermione son, in Rally Novice A and he got his third leg for his Rally title, he's now Rincon Oliver Twist, RN! Lissa's Parson, Ellie also got her title, so a good day in the Rally ring.
Sunday Parsons were at 8, Lhasas at 9:30 and Pems/Cardis at 1:35. Decker was triumphant again, only 2 points but I'll take it. Oliver and Ellie got insurance legs in Rally and Cosmo got a major reserve. Mr. Darcy didn't show, but he went along for the ride. Friday and Saturday we took the puppies, and they enjoyed meeting and greeting all the folks who stopped by to see them and marvel at how big Meg's ears are!


  1. They are soooooo cute!!! I love seeing pictures of them!!!!

    Hugs :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. Different from ours, but fun! (I love their pretty faces!)

  3. Yay, Decker! I'm glad you had a fun weekend, Kathy!