Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Tripping.

Mom, Amy and I took Mr. Darcy, Oliver, and the puppies to visit our friend Barb, in Wildomar, yesterday. It was way too hot, but what can you do? (99 degrees at her house!)
Mr. Darcy got his teeth cleaned (non anesthetic done by another Corgi friend of ours). Now they look very beautiful.
Our friend, Debra, came by to take some pictures of Bosko. Her aunt is interested in him. She lives in Vermont.
The first pic is of the three Gryffin babies, girls on the outside, boy in the middle. He looks very much like our Tina Sparkle, who was also sired by Gryffin. Next is Bosko, relaxing on the grass in the shade.
Barb has two silky chickens, and Bebe was quite entranced by them in the next pic. Next is Mr. Darcy and Oliver hanging out in one of Barb's runs. And then another pic of Bebe.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

August update

Bosko, (see below) is now back with us, here at Rincon. It didn't work out at his new home, their other dogs just weren't tolerating him.
He's a cutie.
Our red/white boy has a new home, though he'll be here til after Labor Day as his new person has a trip planned and can't take him until then.
I took RJ to his first obedience class Monday night, he really enjoyed it.
Meg is entered at the upcoming Santa Barbara shows the weekend of the 28th/29th. Shows are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, hopefully she can earn the last few points she needs to become a champion.
Saturday we are heading down to Wildomar to see Gryffin's litter of puppies, two girls and a boy, born on July 3rd. They'll be 7 weeks old, and should be exceedingly cute. I'll try and remember to take pictures so I have some to post when we get home.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another of the beautiful boys!

Here's Bosko (blue eyed boy) at his new home in Santa Cruz. Such a cutie! He loves to stop and smell the flowers.

Lompoc redux.

Here's another pic of my pretty boy. The grass was quite tall in this part of the ring, both Corgis look legless! Thanks to Lissa for the first pix, taken on her cell phone, and to Cathe Swain for this pic. Cathe also took video of Mr. Darcy, which I'll see if I can post here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Handsome Lads!

Here are two of the brindle boys, top is Opie, (known as the big brindle boy when he was here) and Petey, (known as two spot boy here). Both are getting so handsome. Thanks to their new families for keeping us updated with photos.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lompoc KC

Mom and I spent the day at the Lompoc KC show again today, and had a very fun day. First, our friend Lissa's Parson Russell Terrier, Snow, was Winners and her brother, Shiner was Winners Dog. Snow got a three point major so that's fun.
Mr. Darcy was entered today and was Best of Breed, and then RJ was Winners again, to finish his championship, Way to go, RJ!
Mr. Darcy then got a group 4th in a big herding group, which was very exciting.
This picture was taken by Lissa on her cellphone so not great clarity, but better than nothing. Bebe didn't go today, and she was missed. Lots of folks who met her yesterday asked where she was today, and a couple have posted pics they took of her on Facebook and You Tube. Too funny.