Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day Tripping.

Mom, Amy and I took Mr. Darcy, Oliver, and the puppies to visit our friend Barb, in Wildomar, yesterday. It was way too hot, but what can you do? (99 degrees at her house!)
Mr. Darcy got his teeth cleaned (non anesthetic done by another Corgi friend of ours). Now they look very beautiful.
Our friend, Debra, came by to take some pictures of Bosko. Her aunt is interested in him. She lives in Vermont.
The first pic is of the three Gryffin babies, girls on the outside, boy in the middle. He looks very much like our Tina Sparkle, who was also sired by Gryffin. Next is Bosko, relaxing on the grass in the shade.
Barb has two silky chickens, and Bebe was quite entranced by them in the next pic. Next is Mr. Darcy and Oliver hanging out in one of Barb's runs. And then another pic of Bebe.


  1. What cute puppies. The two on the outside look like Gryiffin. Really happy that you may have found a new home for Bosko. Love Bebe's coat. She is a beauty and look at those love muffins, Mr. Darcy and Oliver. Thank goodness you missed the real heat that we are expected to get here in the Valley areas. Keep cool Thanks Kathy for the updates and photos.

    P.S. Opie went out to Pets Mart for the first time and he was the talk of the store. My Daughter took him to do a little shopping and she said that people were taking photos of him with their cell phone. He loves people but when it comes to excited dogs he gets a little worried. : ) We will work on that.

  2. 傻氣的人喜歡給心 雖然每次都被笑了卻得到了別人的心................. ................................................