Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dog Show Wrap-up

Mom and I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the dog shows in Santa Barbara. Only 15 minutes from home, what a luxury. Thursday we drove over and set up our "camp". We ended up with 7 EZ-ups with up to 25 dogs in residence at any given time!
Friday I showed Meg and Mr. Darcy, Meg was WB/BoW, Darcy was BoS. Saturday Meg and Mr. Darcy were again shown, same result at Friday. RJ also came since he and Meg were entered in the Breeders Showcase event later in the day. Kathy and Debra's Bella, a Parson Russell, was WB and is now known as Champion Sunrock's Mustang Sally. Bella will now make plans to join her new owner, Ida, in Norway in a couple of months.
Kathy and Debra had two Parson entries in the Breeders Showcase, Lola and Wyatt and Poppit and Turbo. I was supposed to show Lola, and then Debra or Kathy would show Meg, but as luck would have it, both the Herding and Terrier groups were at the same time, so after some scrambling, our friend Diane (Whippets and a Parson) and Suzanne (Border Collies, Parsons) came to the rescue. Suzanne showed Meg and did a great job, we actually were in the ribbons again this year with an Award of Merit. Not the Group 1 we got last year, but I was very pleased to place, many entries didn't. Our friend Lissa had a Parson entry as well, and they all looked very good, though none placed in a very competitive Terrier group.
The SBKC put on a very nice dinner just before the Showcase judging started and the weather this year was absolutely beautiful, the typical August weather that Santa Barbara is famous for.
Sunday, RJ stayed home, but Gryffin came as he was entered in the breed and in the Foreign Bred showcase. It was a first time event, and will need some tweaking for next year, but it was fun and Gryffin showed well. And it was fun to showcase my Welsh Corgi, born in Wales!!!
Mr. Darcy was BoS again, and Meg was RWB.
On Monday we were all pretty tired, but still had fun. Meg was WB/BoW and the puppies got to come, too, since I didn't have Mr. Darcy entered.
They had fun watching the big dogs go by the set-up, and the r/w boy (now known as Andy) got to get some leash practice in. He goes to his new home in Tujunga in 6 days.
No more shows til the end of the month, the hunt for majors for Meg and Decker begins, with both needing one major to finish.

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