Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to us!

After a very long night, and long morning into the afternoon, the puppies have arrived.
5 boys and 4 girls (girl #5 didn't make it).
Tina Sparkle had puppy #1 at 2:06 am, then puppies #2-8 between 4:20 and 7:25 am. She took a well deserved rest, but just couldn't get the other two out, so off to the vet's office we went, got there at 11:45 am. They did a c-section, the last two were stuck at the intersection, both trying to get out at the same time!
Good thing we went, she'd have never gotten them unstuck by herself.
Home again by 4:15 pm. The picture on the right is of the first three born, #1 (boy) on the right, #2 (boy) on the left and #3 (girl) at the top.
The picture on the left is Tina with the whole crew, hard to see but she looks happy to be home and taking care of her new family.
More later after I've had a nap!


  1. Congrats! We went thru the same thing 4 weeks ago. The first 4 born without a hitch and then #5 got folded in half in the canal and off to the vet we went! #5 didn't make it but there were 3 more waiting to come out healthy and happy!

    Those long all nighters are hard to get thru!

  2. WOW ... Good job. I have had you guys on my mind all day and have checked the blog and email many times waiting for news. Sounds like you could use a nap, and it looks like all is well.
    WAY TO GO Tina Sparkle,

  3. Congrats to the new happy family!