Monday, August 31, 2009

A Very Fun Weekend at the Dog Show

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent in Santa Barbara at the Earl Warren Fairgrounds for the Simi Valley KC (Fri) and the Santa Barbara KC (Sat & Sun) dog shows. Of course, last weekend was a beautiful foggy weekend with nice mild weather, but this weekend was a scorcher with 95 degrees and humidity! There are rings in one of the buildings (no air cond. but large fans) outside on the lawn, and in the big horse arena where they bring in sod and create what can only be called an immense sauna.
Friday I showed Meg and RJ, their dog show debut. RJ bunny hopped his way around the ring but Meg showed well. They were both Reserve Winners. Mr. Darcy was entered, but didn't win, and I also showed Lissa's two Parson Russell Terrier boys, Brew and Dice. Dice won his class, and Brew was Reserve so not bad. Debra and Kathy had their two Parson champions, Sailor and Poppit entered but they didn't do anything. Debra showed two of her Akitas, Zen and Meatball, Meatball was Winners dog for a major, so that was exciting. Another friend, Maryanne, showed her Lhasa Apso, Cosmo, no win, but he showed well.
On Saturday, everyone above showed again, except RJ as I only entered him on Fri/Sun. We also had the Breeders Showcase, which is a new event. Debra and Kathy had Sailor and Poppit entered, Debra had Zen and Meatball entered, and Mom and I had Mr. Darcy and his mom, Hermione entered. The entry had to be two dogs, with at least one breeder in common. I showed Meatball with Debra showing Zen, Kathy took care of the Parson entry and then Debra showed Hermione for me while I showed Mr. Darcy. Judging began at the group level, and there were 27 pairs in the Terrier group, 23 pairs in the Working group (Akitas) and 11 pairs in the Herding group. The other groups (Toys, Sporting, Non-Sporting and Hounds) all had nice entries as well. Each group judge went over the dogs and then made notes about which ones he was considering for placements (1st -4th). That began at 3:45 and after the prelim judging we all had to head down to the arena (sauna) for 6 pm judging. Working and Terriers were towards the beginning, and neither of our groups made the cut. Herding was 5th, and our judge didn't make a cut as there were only 11 pairs to be judged. Normally they point to the winners starting with first place on down, but for this they reversed that for more drama. When our judge (Bill Shelton of Coventry Corgis) pointed to us for first place I was overwhelmed. Not only did we get a beautiful Rosette, but we also got a very nice check which is not a usual dog show prize! Winning first place meant we were in the running for Breeders Showcase Best in Show, but we had to wait until late in the afternoon on Sun to find out who came out on top for that. Debra and her husband Roy, and the dogs had to leave after Parson judging mid-afternoon to get home to their dogs they left at home, so Kathy stayed to show Hermione. She's known her since she was born so that was fun. We didn't win the big prize, that went to a pair of Portuguese Water Dogs from the Working group, but it was a very fun adventure just the same. Amy, Oliver's owner, took the pics of Kathy and me and the ring with Hermione and Mr. Darcy, thanks Amy! And in the regular dog show part of things, Meg was Winners on Sat and on Sun so she now has two points toward her championship, and Oliver, Hermione's son, had a very nice Rally Advanced weekend with a Qualifying score on Sat. for 2nd place and another one on Sun. for first place in his class!! His attempts at Novice Obedience were not as successful, but he sure looks like it won't be long before he does get it right. We also got to see Meg and RJ's aunt Penny (Rincon Three Penny Barcarole RE) who was there to try for a CD leg in obedience, but she didn't qualify.


  1. Congrats on your big win. Sounds like a fun way to spend the weekend.

  2. Congratulations, Kathy!! What a great weekend! Bet you rode home on air!!! I'm happy for you.