Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a Fun Day!

Today, Mom and I went up to Cate School (private high school in Carpinteria) and played with a very cute litter of Parson Russell Terrier puppies who were 5 weeks old today. Mary Arango, who is a great photographer, took pics of the puppies (and of Meg and Gryffin, too who went along for the ride).
Here are a few of the pics that Mary took.
Gryffin is at the top (2), then the PRT pups, then Meg.
The grounds at Cate School are so pretty, and today was a gorgeous day after all the rain yesterday.


  1. What great photos and the Parsons puppies are too cute. Amazing that she got them to sand still for that shot. Meg and Gryffin are beautiful dogs.

  2. Gorgeous shots of Meg and Gryffin!!!

  3. Beanie looks just like Griffyn! Are they related? I saw his picture and thought for a second that it was Beanie!