Tuesday, April 6, 2010

And the winner is.....

Anyone who guessed 8! 8 puppies seen on the xray, though there was a small debate as to whether or not there is a 9th!
Dr. Jackson was a bit worried that she was panting, ( a sign of impending labor, but I think it was more that she was in a stressful environment, the vet's office) so she did a progesterone test (the prog. level drops as delivery nears, ) and also did a quick ultrasound to check for heartbeats. Heartbeats were good, and her prog. came back at 4.5, which means we are good to go. They will all be surprised if she makes it past Thursday and I'm supposed to call them on Thursday if she hasn't done anything productive.
Several days earlier than I was expecting, so we'll see what happens in the next couple of days.
I have a couple of supplies I have to go and get at the drugstore downtown, and then we are good to go. Her temp hasn't dropped yet, so we are limbo at this point.
I was going to take a picture of the xray, but it wasn't clear enough to really see.
More later when I know more.


  1. Oh my 8!! All the best to you Kathy and we are very excited and happy to hear that Decker is doing well.

    Mario and Bobbie

  2. Sending good thoughts for an easy whelping and a healthy mum and litter! Can't wait to see puppy photos!