Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Busy Day

We took the puppies down to Woodland Hills today for their well puppy check-ups.
Dr. Jackson pronounced them all "cute as bugs". She listened to their hearts, (all good), checked their patellas (all good), bites (all good) and the boys all have their parts!
I ordered vaccines today, which will come on Friday, so we'll do them on Friday (they'll be 8 weeks old). We wormed them today as well. They were fairly good on their way down, a bit of crying from a couple of them, but they slept all the way home, and after they ate lunch they slept some more. It was their first car ride since we took them to Barb's to do the dewclaws, and they couldn't see or hear then. I took a box of shavings and each one went potty after the exam, which impressed Dr. Jackson. Such good puppies!
I took the outside pic yesterday, they enjoy going out to run around now.


  1. Good to hear they are all doing well and the photos are so sweet.

  2. They look like they are getting so big now!
    It's fun seeing their development. You give them shots yourself? I'm getting an education...