Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning

Not much to post about here. We took the Pepper pups to the vet on Wed. for their well puppy check-ups, all was well, so that's a good thing. Next hurdle is their eye exams, which we'll do in a week and a half. I gave them their first vaccine on Friday, no reaction to that. Their mum, Pepper, went back to Barb's on Thursday, and will hopefully be off to her new home next week. She's certainly a contender for best dog mom ever! Such a good mom. Decker's in season so the boys are going crazy. Yesterday we took Meg and RJ for a walk along the boardwalk in Ventura, which is very pretty. Kathy O. and Wyatt joined us as Violet's in season at her house. Poor boys!
It's another nice day today, but it's supposed to rain early this week, we'll see.
The hills are so green and lush, and I'm hoping that soon there will be some wildflowers to see.


  1. Good to hear about the puppies. All the best to them and can't wait to see some photos of them. Opie is doing well and we are planning to put him in a training class this spring. He is an active boy and loves being outside.
    Take care

  2. We'd love to see pics of the puppies!