Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Titles Aplenty!

We had a fun weekend in Pomona, at the Pembroke Specialty and the Mission Circuit dog shows. Mr. Darcy is now Ch. Rincon Marauder's Map RN, he added his Rally Novice title on Monday, with three successful attempts. Gidget is now Highgrove Surf's Up at Rincon CD HT NA NAJ RA, she and Amy added 4 (yes, four) titles this weekend. First were her two agility titles, Novice Agility and Novice Jumpers. Then she earned her CD (nov. Obedience) and her RA (rally advanced) on Monday, with three successful attempts as well. Gidget is not even 18 months old! Oliver is working on his UDX, but didn't Q in Utility this weekend so no progress on that front, but he did have three successful Open obedience tries. I got to show Snow, a Parson Russell Terrier on Sun/Mon and we got the major on Sun. for 3 points, which was very fun. I'm so proud of all the Rincon dogs.
This pic was taken at our obedience class, Darcy and his cohorts practicing their long sit.

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