Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun Show Weekend!

We had a fun, if tiring, weekend at the dog shows. Friday we didn't have any of the dogs entered, but I did show Sophie, a Lhasa puppy for our friend MaryAnn. It was Sophie's first show, and she did very well. Saturday I showed RJ and Meg, RJ was WD, BoW, BoB and Best Puppy. Meg was WB and BoS. They each earned a point. RJ got to go to the puppy group and the regular group, he got a Group 1 in the puppy group! He showed well in the regular group, with all the "big dogs". Mr. Darcy was BoS, he had fun showing everyone how beautiful he is!
Sunday Meg and RJ reversed positions, and each earned 2 pts. Meg was best Bred by, so she got to show in the BBE group and was awarded a group 3. She showed well in the regular group, too. I was very proud of them both. It was good practice for the Specialty in San Bernardino this Friday.
Today, Mr. Darcy was shown, BoS again (his competition was a very pretty girl who was Best in Show on Friday and Sunday (haven't heard who won today).
I also showed Sophie again, and she has really improved over the 4 days. Amazing how quickly they get the "show bug".
More later.


  1. Congratulations!!! What a fabulous weekend you had!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun, productive weekend. Let me know when you have a show in Vegas again!