Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decker and Meg's Excellent Adventure

Wow, what a weekend we just had!!
Mom and I took Decker, Meg, Mr. Darcy and Bebe to Primm, NV for two shows with the hope that we could get Decker or Meg finished. Both needed just one major to get their championships, and there were a couple of gals from AZ who were bringing their Cardi girls to the shows, so we knew we'd have the numbers we needed.
Since we were going I entered Mr. Darcy and Bebe (her first real show) just for fun.
Decker hadn't been in the ring since last November, so I wasn't sure how she'd show, and the show was indoors, which can also be a factor. I shouldn't have worried. They all showed well, and on Saturday, Decker got the nod from the judge. Meg was reserve (first runner-up) and Bebe had fun at her first show. A big thanks to friends Lucille and Eileen, who came over from their rings (Smooth fox terriers and Keeshonds) to help out when all three of my girls won their classes.
To top off the fun for Saturday, Mr. Darcy was Best of Breed, and then got a group 4!!!
Mom and I were certainly glad we'd made the trek. We stayed at the Primm hotel that is attached to the Primm convention center where the show was held, which was nice. The Black Mountain Kennel Club had a nice breakfast and lunch for all the exhibitors on Sat. which was an unexpected surprise.
On Sunday I showed Bebe and Meg, and was thrilled when Meg got the win, for her second major and her championship!
And Mr. Darcy was Best of Breed again, making our day complete.
When I get the pictures we took on Sat. and Sun. I'll scan them and post them.
This Saturday we have the Pembroke/Cardigan match down south, which should be fun.


  1. Primm is only 50 minutes from me...Too bad I didn't know you'd be there! Maddie had a cross-country meet that morning, so it might not have worked out anyway...but let me know the next time you're in "my neck of the woods." Congratulations on the wins!

  2. Congratulations Kathy on your wins. How exciting and I bet Bebe looked adorable in the ring too. Opie was just weighted this weekend and he is now 23 pounds. If he understood he would be proud for his sister and Momma Decker. Right now he is running in the house with his toy puppy. He is too funny. Hope Mr. Darcy get another win Saturday. : )