Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another day, another bowl of yummy goodness!

Another picture of the group eating and then a picture of the group cleaning each other after the fact. They get almost as much food on their bodies as they get into their bodies, but they are getting more proficient each day. Yesterday they got to eat from a bowl two times and ground puppy kibble was added so that was fun.
And I had a chance to give Andrea a call to check on Salsa and her puppies. They are all doing well, and eating from a bowl, too. So life is good with all the Rincon Corgis.
Oh, and a report from Arrow as well, she's settling in and learning the ropes at her new home. Thanks, Tracey and Kurt!


  1. What a difference a couple of day make! Soooo cute!
    Denise and Dylan

  2. They're so sweet at this age. My Zoe is CRAZED at mealtime. When we first got Cadi she actually chewed her food, now she inhales it in self-denfense.