Friday, March 20, 2009

catching up

I took these yesterday, just didn't get a chance to post. Last night, one of the girls sat up on her rear end, and waved, too funny. This morning several figured out how to get out of the whelping box with the front panel up to its full height, scaling 12 inches of wall! They may sleep in the dining room tonight, they were fairly quiet last night in the bedroom. Tina decided on Wednesday that she was done feeding them, I'm pretty sure several of the girls were a little too rambunctious in their attempts to nurse, using their teeth a bit too harshly. They love their Eukanuba puppy food so I don't think they'll suffer. I'm still grinding it up in the food processor, but I'll start adding some unground kibble soon. They certainly have the teeth to crunch it up. They are playing more, with each other and with their toys. It's fun to watch how much they grow mentally each day.

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