Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daylight Savings Time!

HI All
Don't forget to set your clocks an hour ahead today.
Mom and I took RJ, Meg and Mr. Darcy to the Apple Valley show yesterday in Victorville.
It was very cold, and exceedingly windy (I hate wind) but RJ managed to make the drive worthwhile by going BoW for 2 points. Meg was Reserve with an entry of 5. Mr. Darcy showed well but didn't do anything.
I measured Decker this morning, she's grown 3 inches since the day we bred her. (to Roger, RJ and Meg's dad) Her mother, Tina Sparkle grew 3 inches (@ 5 weeks) with her first litter, she had 8 in that one. Hermione, Mr. Darcy's mom, grew 3 inches (@5 weeks) in her first litter, she had 10 in that one. I measure them the day we breed them, around the middle right behind the ribcage, and usually if they have a medium to big litter I can see a difference by 4- 41/2 weeks. Saves me a trip to the vet to confirm the pregnancy via ultrasound. And it gives me a an idea of litter size based on how they are growing. Then it's just fun to watch and record the growth each week. I figure Decker has a good chance of having a biggish litter, since her grandmother, Nikki has 9 and 10, and her mother, Tina had 8 and 10.
I just talked to my friend, Sandi, who has Nikki's mother, Camille. She's doing well and was 13 not too long ago. Nikki's sister, Rainey, ws 9 in October, and is enjoying her herding lessons according to Sandi.


  1. Wow! thanks for the update on Decker and her family background too. Mario and I are getting very excited. : )

  2. Kathy,
    I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing the pictures of all of the cute little guys. Our family is ready now to add a new friend so keep me posted on the litter success and availability. :-) Jennifer

  3. Jennifer, email me, I can't find your email addy