Sunday, March 21, 2010

Match Fun

Mom and I took RJ and Meg to the Channel City KC match today in Goleta. I couldn't enter them as they both have major points, but it was still worth going and getting some socialization in. (And there's always the raffle) So here are a couple of pictures I took at the match, Meg and RJ and a view of the overall area.
On the Decker front, she's gained another 3 inches this week, up to 24.5 inches around her growing middle. She and Mr. Darcy went on a road trip yesterday, as Mom and I drove down to Wildomar to inventory the Pem club trailer which is stored at our friend Barb's house. I'm the show chair for the upcoming Pembroke Specialty in May (Thursday the 27th) so I needed to know what was available in the way of supplies, and what I'll need to purchase in the meantime.


  1. Thanks for the photos and they are beautiful dogs Kathy. Wow, Decker is growing fast.