Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photo info

Several people have commented on the Parson puppy pic, all sitting nicely together. Mary has figured out that if she lets a litter of 5 week old puppies run around for quite awhile, basically tiring them all out, then she can get a quick window of opportunity to try for a fun group shot. They were not sitting quietly, by any means, as their breeder, Suzanne, and I were on either side, placing them back where we wanted them. As we did this, and scooted out of the shot, Mary would shoot many pics, and amazingly, one was a fun group shot.
Quite an effort but well worth it, as the pictures she gets are so good.


  1. those are calendar worthy shots.....

  2. Sounds like how it worked when we used to try and get "all-the-cousins-together shots." My sister-in-law (David's wife) and I spent about an hour at JC Penney once getting adorable photos arranged and taken. The store then LOST THEM! (Back in the days before digital.) SO! I can appreciate that these photos were not as "easy" as they look!